16 May 2016

PJSC “Ukrstalkonstruktsiya” continues its moving towards the European markets

The political situation in the country has changed the vector of the Ukrainian business interests in international trade and cooperation.
  • PJSC “Ukrstalkonstruktsiya” continues its moving towards the European markets PJSC “Ukrstalkonstruktsiya” continues its moving towards the European markets

Ukrainian companies were able to come out with their products to European markets.

Two large French corporations, the leaders of the world market in the production of power equipment in the field of environmental management, have started to upgrade a number of TPP in our neighboring Poland.

PJSC “Ukrstalkonstruktsiya” joined the project of Western partners in the development and delivery of steel structures, as a leader in the field of domestic metal engineering. This collaboration marked the beginning of a qualitatively new stage company progress in the direction of the development of the European markets.

PJSC “Ukrstalkonstruktsiya” today sent to Poland of 580 tonnes of steel structures, such as bunkers, flues and other constructions, to install a system that operates on the principle of semi-dry desulphurization technology. Among the products delivered, there chimney channels which operate at a temperature of 150–180 °C and an operating pressure of 6000–7500 Pa.

Ukrainian construction already installed on site. Experts of Zhytomyr structural steel plant have produced a small labor-intensive products very quickly. Due to the fact that the construction of chimney channels work under pressure, experts have paid special attention to quality control of welded joints.

All steel constructions took double the geometric quality control of Zhytomyr SSP relevant services and customer representatives.
Control assembly units by dimensions 6,7×9,8×24,7 held at a special assembly stand.

Technologies that generate clean energy, require the use of high-tech designs. They, in turn, have been designed with soundproofing and corrosive environment. Linking metalwork equipment took place in the shortest possible time thanks to the fruitful cooperation Ukrstalkonstruktsiya engineering centers and the Polish side.

It should be noted that the TPP will be reconstructed to meet strict European standards in the environmental issue. The purpose of construction – to reduce the amount of harmful emissions in the region and ensure compliance with the European Parliament Directive on industrial emissions. Level of SO2 and dust concentration in the exhaust gases will accordingly be below 200 mg / m³ and 20 mg / m³ after the project.

The project is nearing completion. Commissioning is scheduled for early 2017.

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