15 Jun 2016

In 2015-2016 PJSC "Ukrstalkonstruktsiya" for the first time had experience of cooperation with Kernel one of the largest agro-industrial companies in Ukraine.

The most important sector of our economy has always been the agricultural sector. And today, the industry is the most advanced and dynamically developing in Ukraine, 70% of which is occupied by farmers.

The experts in the field of agriculture aspire to present priorities which are energy efficiency, compliance with European Norms, alternative fuels, export refocusing, construction of modern complexes and modernization of existing ones. It is worth noting that the wear and tear certificated cornhouses (CCH) is more than 80% in Ukraine, an some buildings and constructions have long expired working lifespan.

The construction of secondary powers for the transshipment of grain in ports became more intense today. It caused by two factors. Firstly it is projected to increase domestic crops according to program Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine "Grain-2015". Secondly there are no elevators in the country in sufficient quantities required for storage, and bringing to the market standard cereals. The same applies to storage of grain terminals. So today the issue of construction and modernization is relevant as never before.

In 2015-2016 PJSC "Ukrstalkonstruktsiya" for the first time had experience of cooperation with Kernel one of the largest agro-industrial companies in Ukraine, having carried out the reconstruction of existing buildings and construction of new structures in order to increase the reception capacity of seeds up to 2,500 tons / day and at the same time to store up to 25,000 tons. Zhytomyr and Zaporizhia structural steel plants were involved in the fabrication of steel structures.

It is noteworthy that the headhouse 48 meters high is equipped with numerous devices causing strong enough vibration. But the use of our company 3D-modeling has allowed to eliminate conflicts between equipment and metal structures at the design stage. Even such negligeable components as the fence poles were placed taking into account the location of process lines.

Owing to complexity of the installation (small site/ height of the construction/ crane arm area of operation/work from wheels, meaning that it was impossible to store steel - they were immediately installed from machine) the schedule delivery of steel structures has been developed, but it was very inconvenient from the production standpoint. Plants often had to switch over the factory production cycles from columns and beams to bindings, floorings and enclosing structures.

There is a high humidity in the dock-side area so you need to match the appropriate system. Therefore, higher demands have been applied to the production technology (edge, welding, etc.). Adverse winter conditions (rain, snow) made the installation difficult, and sometimes made it impossible at all. Additional brigades were organized, which allowed the installation to adhere to the schedule in those dates, which agreed with the customer. Specialists of PJSC "Ukrstalkonstruktsiya" completed all the work in the undertime.

The peculiarity of this object was that PJSC "Ukrstalkonstruktsiya" has carried out not only the erection of steel structures and technological equipment and also general construction works on a turnkey basis, including the supply of windows, doors and even air conditioners. In general, there are 311 tons per 135 days.

Steel structures made by PJSC "Ukrstalkonstruktsiya" characterized by high adaptability and resistibility. The company guarantees reliability and a long service life of buildings constructed using steel structures. 

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